Vodafone-happy-to-helpI am Vodafone customer from last 3 years. I had 5 Vodafone mobile connections and I was a satisfied with their services.

In December 2012, I bought Android Phone and started using one of my old Vodafone SIM. I thought of using data services on phone. When I called vodafone, they gave me various schemes and moreover pushed me for 3G services as my phone was 3G enabled. Further, the customer care informed me that if you don’t activate any service then you have to pay the price as per their regular tarrif which I agreed and started using internet services.

In the month of January, February & March, 2013, I have used Internet in tune of 100-200MB and paid the charges which were like Rs. 300-600 per month. In the month of April, I got an intimation that I have crossed by credit limit which was around Rs. 4000. When I called to enquire about the usage they told me that you have used data  services in tune of 400MB and thus you have to pay the charges. When I compared with my previous bills it should have been in range of Rs. 1200-1500.

After all this when I called the customer care, they informed us that there was one scheme which was activated on your mobile from 20 December, 2012 and it was deactivated on 20 March, 2013.  However, I was not aware of any such scheme or value added service. Also, on my previous bills there was no mention of any value added services. When I asked them, why it was not informed to us, they replied that it was on sole discretion of Vodafone.

I have never received any phone call about activation/deactivation of such Value Added Service nor any SMS.

Now, Vodafone is threatening me to pay the bill of Rs. 5207/- out of which actual payable amount as per my previous bills is Rs. 1500/- which I agree to pay, otherwise they will disconnect all my Vodafone Connections for which I have already paid by bills.