Respected Sir,

With due respect, I beg to inform you that I purchased one used vehicle No.WB02W 3109 from Mr. Suprakash Kundu (mob:9002005352), a resident of Basirhat on 07-04-2013.

After that I asked Mr. Kundu for giving me the N.O.C. as required for bringing the vehicle from one place to another place. Subsequently, he took me to an agent having nick named Mr. Guddu & Mr. K. Chakraborty (contact number 9674303024 & 9051536833) a garage owner at Chetla Road, Kalighat, Kolkata for preparing and giving me the N.O.C. & Lal Bazar Police report against the said vehicle.

Mr. Guddu & Mr. K. Chakraborty sought Rs.5000/- for preparing these papers. Keeping in view of the urgency & my requirement, I paid Mr. Guddu & Mr. K. Chakraborty Rs.5000/- in presence of Mr. Suprakash Kundu as witness on 07/04/2013 for early bringing me the above certificates.

After a while, they gave me a received copy of NOC issued by Govt. of WB on 07/04/2013 and promised me to send the original copies of NOC and Lalbazar report to my residential address within 15 days. After coming to Alipurduar with the received copy of NOC, I was continuously in touch with Mr. Guddu & Mr. K. Chakraborty for sending the certificates early as they promised. But unfortunately after elapsed of more than 40 days they did neither respond to my request properly nor did they provide me the status of my certificates. Whenever I tried to contact them, they did respond that “I was on my car or on my way to office and after reaching office would inform you accordingly”.  It is surprising that after 9/06/2013, they were not responding to my phone calls rather disconnecting my calls continuously.

Due to their poor response towards my humble payer for sending the certificates, I wrote one SMS on 11/06/2013 “Inform my NOC & Lal bazaar report status of vehicle No.WB02W3109 positively by today otherwise I will take legal action against you”. After few minutes Mr. Chakraborty rang me back and scolding me do whatever hell you can do I don’t care and I am not any papers.

In view of the above circumstances, I am pleading you good humanity please help me to get ride from the situation by taking suitable action against Mr. Guddu & Mr. K. Chakraborty for not doing such act towards any innocent persons henceforth.

An early action in this regard will be highly solicited.


With regards,

Yours faithfully,

Dated: The Alipurduar Jn



[Raju Chakrabroty]

Confidential Steno to Sr.DSTE/APDJ

Northeast Frontier Railway, Alipurduar Jn.

Residential Address:

S/o Late Swapan Chakraborty,

Rly Qrs. No. 295/A, Hospital Colony,

P.O. Alipurduar Junction, Dist: Jalpaiguri,

PIN- 736123, WB, (Mob:9832399912)