We had purchased a 46″ LED Sony TV – model # 46EX520, Bill # 10882, Bill Date 26.04.11, Amount Rs 99,900.00 – from a reputed Dealer called M/s Khosla Electronics, Kolkata.

On 3rd of May we noticed a vertical red line along the right side of the TV screen. I called the Sony customer care centre and a technician came around in the evening to check. He told us that this is a case of ‘LCD Panel Suspect’. For our understanding, he explained that something has gone wrong with the panel and the whole TV screen needs to be changed at a cost of approximately Rs.30,000/-.

He also explained that it’s a product failure and happens rarely and it’s my bad luck that it has happened with me. We were not ready to accept this explanation and the remedy that had been suggested. We are not ready to shell out Rs 30,000/- to repair a premium Sony product, especially when it’s a case of product failure and not accidental damage to the product.

We paid top price for a superior product. I did not choose to buy a budget brand where I am prepared to compromise on the viewing experience and product longevity. We always believed that Sony as a brand always justifies the premium for a superior experience. But since this has happened my faith has been shaken.

I wrote to their Service Head, Customer Care Head as well as to the Managing Director explaining the whole thing and expected them to own up the responsibility of the Product Failure and do a replacement/ repair job to my satisfaction at no cost. But even after so many mails and phone calls today they have written back to us saying they will not do anything and to get this done we have to pay Rs. 28,096/-

I noticed on the net in different Consumer Forums there are several complaints about Sony TV Panel defect. We have decided to take up this case legally now and approaching the Consumer Forum to get things sorted out with Sony. I am lodging an online complaint here as well and would appreciate if some help can be obtained from any online consumer forum as well.