maruti wagnor VXIOn 3rd Feb 2015 , I purchase a new Maruti Wagnor VXI from Bhatia showroom , Chittorgarh, Rajasthan.

On 22nd Feb at about 9:30am I washed my car , and left in sunlight for dryness , and about 12pm on same day i came again near to my car for parking in shed, then i see that front mirror was automatically damaged from bottom to 400mm height , I informed executive of bhatia showroom , But they not accept the manufacturing defect . & charged Rs4500/- , where as insurance person also says that you car is insured from damage come from impact & because there is no impact for mirror damage so we can’t able to give you claim .​

finally bhatia showroom replace my car’s front mirror with Rs 4500/- from me , but after mirror fitting there is lot of gap between Mirror & bottom Gasket , When i told them about that , they start to talk with hard words .​

please do needful , so that they pay me my money back & refit mirror as original fitting .