• When we receive the complaint we contact the  seller or the service provider  on the basis of the complaint . The response is posted on the response section of the complaint without any prejudice .
  • This service is free and no money is charged from the complainant . The idea behind launching this free service is to protect the interests of the common man or the consumer. We have no intention to malign the image of any company or  brand . We will post all responses with the complaints without any prejudice  and will give equal opportunity to both the parties to express their concern.
  • Service provider may also contact you directly. In case your problem is solved or you get a positive response , kindly let us know so that we can update this complaint. Please assure you that you give complete details about the product, serial number, bill number , name and address of the vendor , complaint number of the complaint docket number.
  • Please note that we are not a consumer court or a government agency . We also cannot guarantee solutions or redressal. This is a social forum and we try our level best to get the problems or shortcomings solved.
  • The sellers or companies are always concerned about their brand names or reputation. Good brands respond quickly as they don’t want to earn a bad name for their brands. ( Click here to see how the companies respond).
  • We want to  assure you that  we are with you and we are not afraid of anybody as and when the question of  protection of consumer rights , guarantees or warranties , erratic service , cheating , bogus claims , frauds or wrongdoings are raised. We will fight back and together we will.
  • The complaints should be genuine . Please do not hide anything as we do not verify individual complaints and the complaints are published by the affected customers themselves . They are required to register themselves which enables them to post the complaints.
  •  Complaints can also be edited for clarity and to make them readable .
  • We will delete incomplete complaints, ambiguous words or statements or false assumptions or if the brands or companies concerned raise a question about the veracity of the complaint.

Let us work for a healthy buyer and seller relationship.

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