This is Santanu Kundu had purchased a train ticket through IRCTC.CO.IN on 9th April for Haridwar to Howrah ,Journey Date 21-Jun-2013.PNR Number- 2816950691 . This ticket was with WL 16 and WL 17.Yesterday on 7th May 2013 at 15:00 I got one SMS in my cell that my ticket has been cancelled and the amount will be refunded to my bank acount.

Now my question is as I did not cancel my confirmed tickt so how IRCTC can cancel my train ticket without knowing me.s I have already planned for a tour with my family.Who will be responsible for that.I has emaild , called them but thay are informing that I had cancelled the ticket.

The false point are as below:

1. If I will cancell my ticket I will get Email,but in my email INBOX there is no Email came.

2.  In History status should be Cancelled but Its showing as Delivered.While I am clicking on that PNR its showing that Ticket with CANCEL status.

I need Justice.Please help me.I don’t want to cancel my trip.Its my expectation from your team.Please help me.Assist me what I need to do.

My contact Numbe ris- +91-8017596681.I am from Kolkata.


Thanks & Regards,