Hi respected authority,
I am totally disappointed with follow-up and not getting any solutions from electricity department. Please note, I have closed my connection (Consumer No: 400569533) on 28/8/2015 but after several compliant and request still it’s showing live (www.nbpdcl.co.in) and bill is showing dues (MAY 2017 Bill amount: INR 9908).
Kindly also note, Consumer No: 400569533 was taken for company (ATM) purpose and by mistake multiple times amount was deposited. For refund the access amount application (complaint no: 5073) was submitted to office on 4 dec 2015. apart from this I have already filled a online compliant (Compliant NO : 1000043467) for returning money on dated 13 oct 2015. But money was not refunded yet and status was showing it’s settled/problem has been resolved.
So I also requested via compliant no: 1000802937(online) for closing the connection online (Consumer No: 400569533) and refund my access amount (INR 24077.41) which is deposited. But only status was showing problem resolved but no solution received yet.
Details of closing for connection (Consumer No: 400569533)
1. Application for issue last bill submitted on 28/8/2015, complaint no: 5021
2. July month bill (INR 24095) paid Bill on 27/8/15 through cash Receipt No: NB/P 958247 Form No: NB-68
3. Meter (Meter No: 451720, last reading; 1644) deposited on 28/8/2015 to Line man (Santosh Kumar) and application (compliant No: 6025, dated 10/12/2015) submitted to office to close the connection.
4. Access amount deposited that should be returned and that was reflected on August month bill (INR 24077.41 )
Looking forward to have my refund of excess amount and closure of my connection(online) asap.