I would like to bring this to your notice that in my village Auri-Narahan, Kerakat, Jaunpur, Sukhdev Sukhram Yadav has installed electric water generator and electric other machines to the public water pump.

He had made this arrangement for his personal convenience and using this for his personal purposes such as cleaning of household premises, water supply to his agri land etc.

Due to this my father ( Dharmdev Yadav ) and mother ( Chinta Yadav ) who are senior citizens facing the big time issues to extract the drinking water from public water pump as water supply has slowed down to larger extent.

Please understand this has become the crucial problem for us and physical harassment specifically my parents are old and also having background of medical issues. ( Bypass surgery, high blood pressures , asthama )

This is sheer negligence by village panchayat despite knowing the fact this is Unauthorized and Illegal usage of public water pump which was installed at his premises.

My sincere request you to look at this matter urgently and remove the private electric water generator and other electric machines from public water pump.