bad_servicesI have been using the internet plan from the Bandhan Technologies and Services Ltd network provider since September 2012. We purchased the Unlimited Platinum 999 plan, which is supposed to provide 1 MBps speed, as can be checked in the website.

The service deteriorated after a month itself and we had to regularly call the provider to stable the connection. It would work fine for few days and then again the connection would become unstable. On a speed of 1Mbps it can be assumed that a 360p stream should run flawlessly in youtube, but even 144p would face issues while streaming it.

Even after repeated complaints the service provider was not bothered to give a clear solution. Infact, the provider would yell at us saying that the line is distributed and it cannot be stable and when asked for a solution simply ignores and is too arrogant with his words.

This has resulted in lot of harassment, even in monetary terms as when online transactions are carried out they get declined in the middle due to connection time out.